How to maximize
your business valuation?

Raising funds is a challenge for IoT & Smart City businesses due to specific growth cycles. We help you structure your business plan and investor pitch to find the right investors and maximize valuation..

What growth potential
for Smart City key verticals?

Our market studies provide end-customers’ drivers, actual installed base, projected market growth, key features, leading vendors, market shares and detailed competitive analysis.

Why openness & interoperability
help unlock your business?

We are committed to help IoT & Smart City businesses develop open and interoperable solutions based on international standards like Talq, uCIFI and FIWARE.

We help you achieve growth

Our multi-disciplinary team has a proven track record in growing IoT & Smart City businesses in APAC, Europe and North-America through a wide range of services.

We are doers

We have acquired knowledge and gained experience from hundreds of real projects by founding or holding executive positions at leading companies in these fields.

We work “Glocally”

Our global understanding of the worldwide market combined to our local presence in countries across Europe and Asia-Pacific enables us to provide our clients with a “glocal” approach to business growth.

We deliver results

While we provide our clients with strong added-value strategy advisory, we also take it until execution and deliver effective results, not only slideware.

We keep costs

under control

Kurrant operates with comprehensives fees and short termination notice options. Risk related to the amount of resources, efforts and expenses needed at every step to reach set objectives is on us.

Our services for businesses

Strategy Advisory

Technology & Engineering Consulting

Software Development & Data Science

Talent Search & Optimization

Strategy Advisory

Based on our mix of business, technology, and investment expertise in IoT & smart city we can assist you with the following strategy streams. 

Market Studies

Our market studies provide end-customers’ drivers, actual installed base, projected market growth, key features, leading vendors, market shares and detailed competitive analysis. Learn more

Growth Strategy

We challenge your business strategy and assist in defining and implementing: Growth Strategies & new business models, Value proposition & marketing messaging, Go to market strategies, Sales channels strategies, and Product roadmaps. 


We assist investors with acquisition targets identification, business plan challenging, Company Valuation & risk analysis, and  investment memo drafting. We also work with startups on business plan structuring, company valuation, investor pitch drafting, and investors identification.

Technology & Engineering Consulting

Our engineering team help you identify product weaknesses and propose a reasonable corrective action plan. We also specify new features and applications to improve your IoT & Smart City solutions.

Audit and Solutions Specification

Leveraging on our expertise in firmware and software development as well as system integration and industry standards we audit your solutions and draft specifications for your existing or new solutions in multiple smart city verticals (water, energy, streetlighting, parking, air quality, etc…).

Project Management

We provide project management expertise and support to improve your R&D and operations teams performance.  We also manage the deployment and operation of IoT and smart city platform and the integration of standardized connectors for IoT sensors and vertical applications.


Software Development & Data Science

Our Kurrant Lab team which include senior software developer, networking engineers, data scientist and system integration experts design software solutions to support your business operations and offers design and pricing.

Data Science & Analytics

We use domain-specific visualization and analytics to help you turn your customers’ project requirements and assets data into optimized renovation plans and smart solutions deployment programs.

Software Development

Our team has the capabilities to develop very quickly any software solution that was defined within our strategy advisory work whether it’s a pilot for a new product or a tool to optimize R&D, operations or sales management.

Talent Search and Optimization

Finding the right talents to grow your IoT and Smart City business is an incredible challenge. There is a lack of qualified professionals at all levels and they are very sought-after and selective when making career moves. Our unique executive search and talent optimization services leverage advanced behavioral assessment methodology and our extensive network & relationships in IoT and Smart Cities. Learn More


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