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Achieving Interoperability for Madeira’s Island Smart Street Lights

Madeira Street Lighting Engineering & Procurement TALQ uCIFI
Madeira at sunset with illumintated smart street lights.


Empresa Electricidade da Madeira (EEM), Madeira’s’ electricity utility, delivers streetlighting and other energy-related services to all the municipalities in the island. Several of these municipalities have started their journey to smart applications, including smart streetlight, safety in the street, traffic counting and more. To avoid each municipality having its own proprietary system, EEM is planning to deploy a smart street lighting solution on 10,000 streetlights across the Island, as a first step towards the deployment on all the island, more than 100,000 streetlights. This project aims to reduce the carbon footprint of the Madeira island and reduce the dependency to fuel-based energy production.


The key challenges for EEM were to define key technical requirements based on the project objectives, other cities and utilities return on experience and functionalities of available solutions, and to ensure project compliance with the latest smart streetlighting interoperability standards to ensure the sustainability and scalability of the project.

Deliverables & Outcomes

Kurrant’s deliverables included:
  • Presentation of the various interoperability standards to the EEM’s team, including TALQ and uCIFI
  • Definition of the SSL functional requirements and present options based on existing projects and vendors’ solutions
  • Co-construction and drafting of the RFP’s functional & technical specifications along with EEM’s streetlight and IT departments
  • Preparation of a scoring table to evaluate and compare the bidders proposal based on the RFP technical specifications
Kurrant will also conduct the bidders’ proposals evaluation and scoring once the tenders is floated and the offers received.

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