City Strategy

Embracing Urban Evolution

Urban growth brings forth a unique set of challenges. Discover how cities worldwide are proactively addressing these challenges, what are their goals, needs, and the roadmaps they are following to ensure their envisioned future becomes a reality. Explore the potential collaborative opportunities between vendors and cities to achieve these common goals.

A bustling smart city street with blurred lights and movement, depicting the vibrant energy of urban life.
Three men studying a miniature city model intently, discussing urban planning and smart city strategies.
Aerial view of a green city, showcasing the city's stunning skyline and urban landscape.

Brussels’ Smart City Strategy – Part 1

Smart Cities Industry: Challenges and What to Expect

Inside New York City’s Innovative Urban Landscape

A Sneak Peek into Charlotte’s Smart City Strategy

Unraveling South Bend’s (Indiana) Smart City Strategy

Las Condes’ Journey to Becoming a Smart City


Learn about city challenges, market potential, innovative technologies, and key players.

Embark on a focused 2-hour learning session on City Strategy, led by a seasoned industry expert. Whether remotely or onsite, we'll dive deep into the subject.

Your experience will be enriched by a thoughtful post-session deliverable, meticulously crafted to extend your knowledge beyond the session itself.

Smart City industry experts giving a Street Lighting training in front of a screen