Smart Water

The epicenter of resources preservation

Cities around the world are facing various water challenges to ensure sustainable and cost effective water supply including aging infrastructure, water scarcity and losses, water quality issues and waste water disposal and reuse challenges. These challenges require comprehensive and sustainable water management strategies, digital solutions and expertise as well as innovative business models. Discover in this section transformative water projects we’ve been involved in and learn from our Originals documentary and market insights tools.

A smart utility water treatment plant seen from above, efficiently managing water resources.
A picturesque body of water, harmoniously integrated into the urban landscape of a smart city.
Smart water meter in hole providing precise water usage data.

How a London Borough is Using IoT to Curb Urban Flooding

How Satellites are Helping Anglian Water Find Leaks

Data Sharing Enhances AMI Rollout for Cities, Utilities, Customers

Severn Trent’s Water AMI May Lead to More Connected Solutions

Using GeoAI to Calculate Wastewater Taxes in Cologne

A Look at a Digitally Driven Spanish Water Utility


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Smart City industry experts giving a Street Lighting training in front of a screen