We tackle our planet's critical challenges​

Our mission is to help accelerate cities & utilities digitalisation

A picturesque scene of individuals sitting on a park bench near a river in a green smart city

Challenges faced by cities and utilities locally reflect and exacerbate the environmental and resource preservation issues we confront globally. We believe that digitalisation is key to address these challenges as it enables greater efficiency by reducing resources consumption while simultaneously enhancing citizens' quality of life. ​

A major challenge to cities and utilities’ digitalisation is the stakeholders’ limited market awareness, strategic capabilities & execution experience which are slowing it down. Our challenge is to help Cities, utilities and industry players overcome these challenges.

A picturesque scene of individuals sitting on a park bench near a river in a green smart city.
A picturesque scene of individuals sitting on a park bench near a river in a green smart city.
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We are a 360° strategy
and digital technology brand​

Expertise & Entrepreneurship at Our Core

Bold and Creative

Bold & Creative

Being bold has a ripple effect that can inspire innovation, creativity, and growth. This allows us to not only react to real-time changes but also to craft innovative strategies, content, and designs when there is no existing playbook.

Knowledge and Experience

Deep Industry Understanding

We’ve accumulated insights from hundreds of smart city and utility projects with industry leaders. Our expertise and vast network uniquely position us to tackle growth and execution challenges effectively.


Multi-disciplinary skills

Our diversified set of skills allows us to offer end-to-end support on a range of topics including market insights, growth strategy, M&A, technology, branding & marketing, software solutions and data science, engineering & procurement.

Knowledge and Experience

Self-driven & Fast

Our remote, flexible, and flat structure enables us to attract self-driven, entrepreneurial talents globally, resulting in a highly efficient team that quickly learns, decides, and excels, managing numerous projects with exceptional performance.

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Meet the Founders

Antoine Kassis CEO Kurant

Antoine Kassis

Co-founder & CEO

A former executive at Citelum (EDF) and SSN (Itron), Antoine leads the company globally making Kurrant a brand recognized globally for its unique approach in accelerating cities and utilities digitalization.

Christophe Orceau CTO Kurrant

Christophe Orceau

Co-founder & CTO

A former executive at IBM and founder of Streetlight.Vision (now Itron), Christophe drives Kurrant’s technology and strategy advisory excellency. He is also the Chairman of the Talq Consortium.

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