Environmental Monitoring

Key Insights for Sustainable Cities

Incorporating insights from environmental monitoring not only promotes resource preservation and energy efficiency but also fosters smart, sustainable urban development tailored to the needs and well-being of residents. It unlocks the potential of urban data as it encompasses the analysis and interpretation of data to drive meaningful actions and policies. Cut through the buzz with Kurrant to learn about the real drivers for environmental monitoring IoT and digital solutions adoption and what opportunities they offer for cities, utilities, vendors and investors.

City map showing transportation routes in red and blue lines, highlighting urban heat islands.
Bird's-eye view of a green smart city skyline.
An IoT flood monitoring device mounted on a wooden pole.

Maui Adopts AI-enabled Fire Detection to tackle wildfires

Curbing Noise Pollution with AI-Enabled Solution

West Sydney Curbs Heat with Smart Irrigation

Brussels’ Smart City Strategy – Part 2

Dublin’s Smart City Strategy and Future Plans

UK Council Uses Smart Tech to Monitor Social Housing Indoor Air


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Smart City industry experts giving a Street Lighting training in front of a screen