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Biodiversity Monitoring Solution with the Museum of Natural History

Biodiversity monitoring Market entry strategy
Bidodiversity IoT Monitoring Device


In collaboration with the National Museum of Natural History in France, Birdz, the French IoT subsidiary of Veolia, co-developed a groundbreaking solution designed to detect various bat species and other animals through an innovative algorithm that analyzes sounds, serving as a vital indicator for biodiversity levels.


After several years of research and development, Birdz embarked on the path to industrialize and commercialize this innovative solution to help hundreds of cities and utilities contribute to biodiversity preservation. The company faced two significant challenges: first, the defining a winning go to market strategy; and second, securing within Veolia the necessary funding for the industrialization of the solution and the business development effort.

Deliverables & Outcomes

Kurrant provided support to Birdz throughout this journey, delivering the following milestones:

  • A comprehensive market segmentation, highlighting specific pain points and defining the value proposition for each customer segment and use case.
  • A thorough introduction competitive benchmark, complemented by a technical analysis of existing solutions.
  • Go-to-market recommendations, advising on where and how to successfully enter the market.
  • A business plan that served as the cornerstone for internal pitches
  • Offer storytelling and commercial presentation, completed with conceptualized mock-ups of a user interface tailored to the identified target customer preferences and requirements.

Birdz was ultimately able to secure close to 1 million euros in funding to finalize the industrialization of the solution. The Leko offering have now been successfully deployed at scale generating several hundred thousand euros in recurring revenue each year. A major flagship project was also recently deployed on the buses of the transport company (Transdev) in Northern France.

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