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Complex Smart Motorway Project Audit and Improvement

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Aerial view of cars driving on a smart motorway, showcasing the bustling traffic and the vastness of the road network.


The “Lighting Plan 4.0” is a 20-year contract awarded by Wallonia Infrastructures in Belgium to the LuWa Consortium that includes the retrofit of the Walloon Region main motorways’ 130,000 streetlights into smart LEDs with control as well as the deployment of traffic management and V2X solutions.


The challenge centered around addressing reliability issues within LUWA’s smart motorway infrastructure. Kurrant was tasked with undertaking a critical audit and enhancement plan of LUWA’s complex smart motorway system, comprising of a computerized management and maintenance software, as well as a streetlight and traffic control & monitoring solution. Kurrant conducted a detailed audit to identify weaknesses in the architecture, describing areas of improvement, and proposing possible solutions to ensure long-term operational efficiency. The objective was to devise a robust resolution action plan that not only rectified existing issues but also offered a forward-looking strategy for enhanced performance.

Deliverables & Outcomes

Building upon the audit findings, including critical, major and minor items, measured in terms of financial and performance impact, Kurrant formulated an actionable plan to rectify the identified shortcomings and bolster the system’s overall efficiency. This plan included the implementation of a new more robust, proven and secured architecture, an improved organization and a set of improved methodologies to deploy and maintain all the controllers and other smart devices (incl. radars and meters) in the project.

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