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Design & Dev: A Use-Case Driven Smart City Project Configurator

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Navigating the realm of IoT for smart cities and utilities often feels like navigating a technical jungle of sensor solutions, communication networks, IoT platforms, and application software. This complexity can significantly hinder the adoption of smart city and utility technologies.
Recognizing this challenge, two of our clients in infrastructure, energy efficiency and environmental services sought an intuitive web solution that simplifies the understanding of various smart city use cases, which would enable their sales teams and resellers to identify solutions tailored to the specific needs of their city and utility clients. In some cases, it even provides preliminary pricing for their projects, streamlining the entire process.


Creating a user-friendly tool with precise data and configuration algorithms posed significant challenges, requiring (i) profound knowledge of diverse smart city use cases across geographies and extensive expertise in IoT and smart city architectures, (ii) a robust industry network and research capabilities to identify and gather major solutions, and (iii) a demonstrated ability to design and develop intricate yet intuitive software solutions. Consequently, Kurrant emerged as the sole firm capable of fulfilling this ambitious endeavor, positioning us uniquely in the eyes of our client.

Deliverables & Outcomes

Kurrant meticulously designed, developed, and delivered comprehensive solutions known as the IoT Architect or Smart City Project Builder. These innovative tools offered an intuitive product catalog, a use-case based smart project configurator, pricing calculators, seamless export tools, and a possibility to contact the pre-sales support team for project assistance (See details about the Smart City Project Builder in Kurrant’s Software & Data Science website page).
Each customized solution developed by Kurrant was successfully integrated internally within our client organizations, with hundreds of active users. Moreover, it was also presented to their clients as a valuable component of bids for various smart city projects, enhancing the overall offer competitiveness.

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