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Designing Veolia’s Digital Service Offers

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Veolia is engaged in an ambitious digital program to accelerate its customer’s decarbonization, save natural resources and depollute the world. In this context, Veolia’s corporate DB&T department has the goal of developing a new business of innovative and high value Digital Services Offers based on Veolia’s existing digital solutions, the group environmental expertise and a set of services that addresses the group clients needs.


To meet its strategic ambition, Veolia’s DB&T needed to identify the first Veolia Digital Services Offer based on a Market and Value analysis and a technical readiness of the existing digital solutions in the three business domain shortlisted as part of the Digital Service Offers initiative: water operations, building energy efficiency and decarbonation.

Deliverables & Outcomes

Capitalizing on its industry expertise and a series of interviews with industry players as well as a number of cities, utilities, vendors and Veolia’s business units, Kurrant delivered the following:

  • Functional analysis of Veolia’s existing digital solution,
  • Market potential analysis,
  • Benchmark of the direct and indirect competition,
  • Interviews of key stakeholders in Veolia business units in 10 different countries about local digital strategies and input for the group,
  • Design of three digital service offers per business domain,
  • Development, and support in the use, of an analysis and scoring methodology

Based on Kurrant deliverables DB&T was able to select the first Digital Services Offer to build and launch in the following 12 months.

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