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Effective Data Management Crucial for Abu Dhabi’s Street Lighting PPP Success

Abu Dhabi Streetlighting Software & Data Science Engineering FIWARE
A night highway with smart street lighting and illuminated side lights, bustling with traffic.


Nojoom, a joint venture between EDF and ENGIE, was awarded the Noor II streetlighting project involving LED retrofit as well as 10 years operation and maintenance of over 135,000 streetlights accross the Abu Dhabi mainland. To manage the vast amount of data generated by this project, Nojoom relied on Kurrant’s expertise.


Given the scale of the project, effective data management was crucial. Kurrant was tasked with developing a centralized asset data management software combining data from various sources and allowing automated project definition, tracking and operational KPIs delivery.

Deliverables & Outcomes

Kurrant designed and delivered a FIWARE based project data manager solution. We also provide expert data management support with daily updates on project’s progress enabling a successful project deployment.
The solution and services provided by Kurrant included the following:

  • Data and Applications Directory: a comprehensive list of data streams associated with each application.
  • Data Models: detailed specifications of data exchanges facilitated by the APIs’ capabilities.
  • Project Control Center: design and implementation of user-friendly data visualization dashboards along with the necessary user training.
  • Data Inputs and Outputs Catalog: a complete inventory of all data inflows and outflows.
  • Data and Applications Integration: full documentation of data flows and successful deployment of data connectors.
  • Automated Data Monitoring: implementation of automated reporting and alerting mechanisms.

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