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Exploring Data-Driven Business Models for Key Smart City Verticals with EDF Pulse

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EDF’s raison d’être is to build a net zero energy future by inventing and promoting a new model to address the climate crisis: lower-carbon, more efficient, less of an impact on the environment and on people. In this context, EDF Pulse, the venture arm of the group, has been rewarding and investing in those who invent the world of tomorrow by proposing innovative solutions to help cities and utilities move towards carbon neutrality.


EDF Pulse aimed at launching a Call for Projects to identify established and start-up companies offering solutions and services with direct or indirect data-driven business models.
As part of the preparation of the Call for Projects, EDF Pulse needed help to:
  • Shortlist smart city verticals with the strongest data-driven model potential,
  • Explore and understand different business models which existed or were under development in one or different smart city verticals,
  • Define the Call for Projects requirement and evaluation criteria.

Deliverables & Outcomes

Kurrant conducted a screening of a range of smart city vertical applications in building efficiency, V2X, water distribution, waste collection and air quality monitoring then identified and assessed the different existing or potential data-driven business models.

Based on the findings above and following numerous discussions with the EDF Pulse team, we drafted a complete Call for Projects guidelines documents describing the Call for Project objectives, scope and requirements, the evaluation criteria as well as a new data-driven business model assessment matrix.

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