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Guiding Brussel’s Energy Utility in Selecting the Best Smart Street Light Solution

Brussels Street Lighting Engineering & Procurement TALQ
Long exposure photo of traffic on city street with smart street lighting.


Sibelga, the utility responsible for electricity and gas distribution in Brussels and its region, embarked on the implementation of a smart street lighting (SSL) solution spanning across the city’s 90,000 streetlights. This initiative aimed to save energy and enhance the maintenance efficiency of the urban lighting infrastructure.


In the context of this project, Sibelga recognized the importance of deploying interchangeable streetlight controllers so that Sibelga would not be locked with a single-vendor solution as well as a TALQ-compliant Central Management System (CMS) that would seamlessly integrate with Sibelga’s existing assets management system, work order management system and geographical information system.

Deliverables & Outcomes

In response to these requirements, Kurrant leveraged its 10 years experience in smart streetlight project world-wide to provide the following deliverables:
  • Comprehensive Benchmarking: we conducted an in-depth evaluation of existing smart street lighting solutions, providing a foundation for informed decision-making.
  • Technical Analysis: our team carefully assessed various remote control and monitoring (CMS) solutions available in the market, ensuring a thorough understanding of their capabilities.
  • RFI and RFP drafting: we crafted Sibelga’s Request for Interest (RFI) and and Request For Proposal (RFP) technical requirements document
  • Bidders’ Proposals Evaluation: We provided a unique methodology to Sibelga for the review and evaluation of the bidders’ proposals enabling to verify each proposal’s alignment with the project’s goals as well as the bidders real expertise and capabilities.

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