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Investigating and Prioritizing 110 Water, Waste, Energy and Environmental Digital Use cases

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Veolia’s corporate digital department design and provides water, waste, energy and environmental digital solutions to all the group business units around the world.


It is key for Veolia’s digital team to set the priorities for the development and deployment of digital solution depending on the market needs and the challenges of the various business units.

Deliverables & Outcomes

Capitalizing on its industry expertise and knowledge hub coupled to a thorough desk research Kurrant delivered the following:
  • A 360° market study to identify and describe all the digital use cases (i.e. the identified customer pains that could be addressed by a digital solution, in the water, waste, energy and environmental markets),
  • For each use case a description of the customer pains and the possible solutions,
  • A methodology to score the digital use cases taking into account the criteria and priorities of Veolia’s corporate digital team as well as the group business units,
  • A detailed pros and cons for investing in each of the top 40 use cases.

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