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IoT Platform Specs & Deployment for Smart City & Utility Projects

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Birdz, the IoT arm of Veolia, aimed to broaden its horizons by venturing into the realm of smart cities and utilities. Building upon its established expertise and technology, Birdz sought to introduce innovative IoT applications and services in France and internationally.


Birdz encountered the challenge of transitioning quickly from its existing focus on smart water metering to embracing new IoT applications and services. The objective was to effectively leverage existing solutions to build their own custom solution while maintaining a high level of efficiency and reliability.

Deliverables & Outcomes

Kurrant accelerated Birdz’s IoT platform integration, covering existing platforms benchmarking including open source framworks like FIWARE, RFP drafting, bid evaluation as well as POC deployment and evaluation.
Kurrant also delivered engineering service to implement in Germany the first site equipped with the selected IoT platform and later asssisted Birdz in specifying custom features including an inventory module and an innovative and friendly interface centered on a facilitated user experience. Our expertise ensured seamless alignment with Birdz’s requirements and a user-friendly interface, enhancing the overall integration process.

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