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Engie’s Flashnet Sale Driven by Kurrant

Street Lighting M&A
A stunning view of an illuminated smart city with tall buildings and twinkling lights.


Engie, along with the co-founders of Flashnet, a Romanian based smart streetlighting vendor, sought Kurrant’s advisory expertise for the sale of the majority stake in Flashnet. The goal was to align the company’s future with a technology group boasting global reach and expertise in IoT and smart cities, facilitating the realization of Flashnet’s vision while surpassing financial expectations.


The challenge revolved around identifying the right buyer that not only resonated with Flashnet’s vision but also had the requisite technological acumen and global presence. Kurrant was tasked with devising a strategy to conduct a targeted sales process that would garner competitive interest and ultimately result in a successful acquisition.

Deliverables & Outcomes

Kurrant’s advisory manifested in the preparation of a focused Information Memorandum (including a Business Plan) that encapsulated Flashnet’s value proposition and potential. Additionally, Kurrant orchestrated a competitive process involving several potential buyers, facilitating a thorough evaluation to ensure the best fit.
The acquisition process resulted in the successful acquisition of Flashnet by Lucy Group. This outcome not only aligned Flashnet with a partner capable of nurturing its vision but also positioned the co-founders for enhanced success.

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