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Carrew & Bennett partners with e-Lighto and Kurrant for Dubai’s Streetlighting PPP design

Dubai Street Lighting City Strategy Strategy
City of Dubai at night with an ongoing smart street lighting project.


The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) of Dubai has approximately 160,000 traditional (HID) streetlights to be retrofitted to LED Smart Lighting. In this context, RTA selected Carew & Bennett as lead transaction and financial advisor, who teamed up with Allen & Overy as legal advisor along with e-Lighto and Kurrant as technical advisors.


RTA sought recommendations for the implementation of city wide LED street lighting solution with remote control and monitoring, as well as means in which to procure and finance the implementation and long term operations through various Public Private Partnership (PPP) contracting models. Additionally, a comprehensive financial and economic study supported with a robust commercial case, legal and regulatory analysis, all of which was underpin with a detailed technical study to establish the optimum procurement and financing solution.

Deliverables & Outcomes

As part of the consortium scope of work, Kurrant used a comprehensive methodology to interview main RTAs stakeholders, compile needs and expectations, and developed a detailed technical plan, bespoke cost data book, and energy savings model. This included a smart lighting projects implementation benchmark (locally, regionally, and internationally), a detailed implementation plan, and recommendation about the remote control system specification. These efforts formed the basis of the financial and economic study, including the value for money analysis and in making the commercial case.

An important part of the project was related to data science, including analyzing and merging various databases related to both streetlight and traffic, in order to prepare the detailed implementation plan.

Following the submission of the business case, RTA approved the recommendation to pursue PPP procurement and is currently preparing to launch the tender process.


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