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Kurrant Handles Acklio’s LNS Asset Sale

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Acklio (now part of Actility) is an innovative software vendor company that brings IP-based communication capabilities to LoRaWAN and emerging IoT networks by leveraging the SCHC header compression and fragmentation mechanism standardized by the IETF. Acklio had also developed its own LoraWan Network Server (LNS) solution to offer a secured end-to-end solution on private networks.


Acklio LNS offering positionned the company in competition with some of its key partners and clients. To avoid this issue and better deliver on its core offering with its key channel partners and customers, Acklio decided to sell its LNS.

Deliverables & Outcomes

The asset sale process lead by Kurrant resulted in the acquisition of the LNS by Paradox Engineering, the swiss IoT and smart city entity of Japanese Minebea Mitsumi group, enabling to achieve Acklio financial target and ensuring service continuity to Acklio’s clients.

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