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Kurrant Helps MinebeaMitsumi’s Smart City Entity Prioritize Strategic Offers Development

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Paradox Engineering, the smart city subsidiary of MinebeaMitsumi, ventured into the IoT and Smart City industry by introducing Connected Streetlight. After numerous successful projects, the company embarked on a journey to explore various other verticals, with the goal of diversifying its solution portfolio and establishing a significant presence in the environmental IoT sector.


As an R&D center, Paradox initiated the development of multiple hardware and solutions tailored to specific customer needs, spanning areas such as air quality, rainfall, flooding, weather, and solar radiation monitoring. During the transition to the industrialization phase, Paradox recognized the importance of prioritizing developments to expedite market entry and save resources. Consequently, they sought assistance from Kurrant to evaluate the market potential associated with each solution.

Deliverables & Outcomes

Kurrant’s initial step was to shift the discussion away from the solutions themselves and focus on use cases instead, which are directly linked to well-identified pain points and needs. Subsequently, Kurrant conducted a concise market overview for each use case, allowing Paradox Engineering to gain insights into:
  • The specific pain points and needs addressed by each use case,
  • The dynamics of the industry ecosystem,
  • Key solution providers in the market,
  • Critical market trends shaping the landscape.
This analysis played a pivotal role in shaping the prioritization matrix designed by Kurrant, which considered both market realities and the unique positioning of the client, and resulted in clear recommendations on where to play and where not to play.

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