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Leveraging Available Urban Data to Address Key Smart City and Mobility Use Cases

Urban data Mobility Strategy
A dashboard displaying a map and various traffic data types, providing a comprehensive overview of the mobility in the city.


A major streetlighting player had the ambition to pivot their offer into cross-vertical smart city applications and services, by deploying a large number of in-house or third party sensors collecting a large spectrum of urban data.


The complexity and cost of devices deployment in cities, as well as the limited use cases that were identified by the clients team, made it harder to justify a viable business case. Kurrant was then tasked to unlock this situation by identifying, scoring and helping the client to select promising use cases with a proven business case and short time to market.

Deliverables & Outcomes

After a first phase that enabled to prioritize use cases with strong market potential, Kurrant demonstrated a comprehensive business case by coupling streetlight and traffic data with a range of available weather, environmental, crime, and public transport data. Kurrant deliverable proved that taking into account available third party data can unlock additional energy savings and increase revenue streams while reducing significantly investment cost. The business case was supported with a comprehensive go to market strategy and a software solution mock-up to present the concept to the clients prospects and customers.


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