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NaaS Revenue-Sharing Model for a LoRaWAN Provider

Connectivity NaaS LoRaWAN
A white antenna on top of a building, serving as a LoRWAN gateway for communication signals.


Kerlink, an established LoraWan gateway provider with a leading market share in France and internationally was looking to boost accelerate growth with a new Network as a Service (NaaS) offering.


While Kerlink had a real expertise in hardware sales, their team lacked experience in building and commercializing a service offer with the right business model and contractual structure. The management team asked for Kurrant’s help to build a successful demand-driven ecosystem-based NaaS offer for Smart Cities.

Deliverables & Outcomes

Leveraging on its extensive NaaS experience, Kurrant designed and delivered the following deliverables:
  • An IoT NaaS offer that adresses the smart cities key end-customers & channels paint points
  • A revenue-sharing based business model
  • A NaaS master agreement model incl. responsibility sharing, service level agreement (SLA) and data plan
  • A draft sales presentation based on the defined offer strategy and commercial targets

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