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Product strategy and Specification for ST Engineering’s Smart Waste Collection Solution

Smart waste collection Engineering Software & Data Science
An isometric cityscape with buildings and traffic, showcasing smart waste collection optimization.


ST Engineering is one of the largest the technology providers and system integrators in Singapore and South East Asia. The company developed a powerful IoT platform that can be used as the foundation of multiple smart city applications, including traffic, security, safety and water. ST Engineering was now looking to extend its software applications offering with a sensor agnostic smart waste collection solution leveraging their IoT platform.


Without previous experience in waste collection and specific prediction, analytics and route optimisation analysis, ST Engineering’s smart city and utility team needed help to specify and develop a competitive and differentiating solution that addresses the market needs. More specifically the team needed to (i) understand the smart waste collection market drivers, specificities and main stakeholders, (ii) define the smart waste collection solution specifications and key features and (iii) integrate complex prediction and analytics algorithms as well as route optimisation systems.

Deliverables & Outcomes

Leveraging our expertise in waste collection and IoT/software technologies, Kurrant enabled ST Engineering to achieve its goal and have a product ready to market by delivering the following services and deliverables:
  • Smart Waste market drivers, value chain, potential and competition analysis
  • Solution functional and technical specification
  • Analysis of the main available filling sensors to integrate and support
  • Product roadmap plan
  • Product management methodology and advisory

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