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Shaping and Accelerating the Development of an Innovative Multi-Vertical Smart City Platform

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NGE Connect the smart city arm of NGE, the 4th largest construction group in France acquired a start-up which edited and deployed a hypervision solution for smart marinas. NGE connect’s ambition was to adress smart city projects with this solution.


NGE Connect wanted first to get a clear understanding of the technology and market readiness of their existing solution. As a next step NGE Connect was looking to develop and release a new version of the solution based on open sources technologies and including a number of smart city verticals to address the requirements of cities in France and abroad. The challenges of this endeavour were strategic, functional and technical.

Deliverables & Outcomes

Kurrant played an instrumental role in both strategic and technical evolution of the R-Smart solution as our team supported NGE Connect teams for more than 18 month by delivering the following:

– Full audit of the existing smart marina hypervision software, its architecture and features, and the software development team. Kurrant turned this audit into a list of possible options and solutions, including cost evaluation, risks and benefits for each of them.

– Product management advisory including shaping the product strategy, listing and clarifying customer uses cases and providing recommendation on project roadmap and planning.

– Design of a scalable architecture for a smart city platform and delivery of a FIWARE broker and UI framework to accelerate the solution development.

Thanks to the innovative R-Smart offering, NGE Connect became a leading contender in the smart city platforms arena and has secured projects in prominent cities and utilities like City of Metz and Losange (Grand Est Region), marking a significant milestone in the company journey.

Seeking a Smart Waste Strategic Market Analysis?

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“Kurrant’s delivery of a UI framework and inventory engine based on FIWARE, combined with their expert guidance on software architecture and end-user functionalities, has been transformative for NGE Connect. The accelerated development of our smart city platform is a testament to their expertise and commitment. I highly recommend Kurrant to any organization seeking to leverage the FIWARE open-source framework and streamline their software development processes.”

Helena Bianchi
Directrice Générale Déléguée - NGE ENERGIES SOLUTIONS

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