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Cross-Vertical IoT Platform: Strategic Benchmark & Tech Specs

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A male and a female working on the Vinci IoT platform


VINCI Energies is a leading integrator and contractor in smart city, transport, telecommunication and energy utility. VINCI Energies digital transformation department design, develop and/or integrates solutions used by the group business units to address customers’ needs as well as their various business challenges. A strategic project was to rationalize and structure the IoT platform solutions used in the group and select the right technology to design a unified solution for the group.


To achieve this strategic goal, VINCI Energies’ France’s digital transformation department needed to (i) have a clear benchmark of the existing solutions and standards as well as a review of the solutions developed and/or used by various business units within the group and (ii) define a target solution and (iii) build this solution based on internal, third party or open source software.

Deliverables & Outcomes

Leveraging its market and technology expertise, Kurrant enabled the launching of the development of a unified target solution by delivering:
  • A benchmark (with a scoring methodology) of the major IoT platform vendors and solutions including in-house solutions
  • A detailed functional and technical requirement document based on the needs expressed by VINCI Energies’ business units
  • Assistance in selecting the right IoT platform solution and framework including a make or buy analysis
  • Engineering advisory to customize and enhance the selected solution with a set of high-performance features.

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