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Strategy for Smart City Device Interoperability Alliance

IoT networks Interoperability
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The uCIFI Alliance, founded by leading smart city and utility players Engie, Schreder and EDMI with the help of Kurrant, plays a pivotal role in catalyzing the growth of the smart cities. The Alliance mission involves introducing an open-source unified data model, which fosters interoperability and interchangeability among IoT devices from diverse suppliers, regardless of the IoT network (4G/5G, LTE-M, NB-IoT, LoraWan, and Wi-Sun mesh).


Within this dynamic landscape, the uCIFI Alliance embarked on the endeavor of creating a universal data model for more than 30 types of smart city devices and developing other technologies to create a true end-to-end interoperability model for all smart city applications: water, waste, traffic, energy, parking, streetlights, safety, environment and more. The challenge was to define and execute a winning strategy and a powerful data model standard to generate a high level of adoption to achieve global interoperability for smart city and utility IoT devices.

Deliverables & Outcomes

Kurrant collaborated closely with the founding member, contributing significantly from its inception to reaching more than 15 member organisations. This effort led to widespread adoption by numerous cities and utilities.
To achieve the Alliance’s remarkable level of adoption and industry recognition, Kurrant’s team had the following role:
  • Defined the Alliance’s purpose and mission,
  • Served (Kurrant’s CTO) as the Executive Director and Board Member, overseeing the Alliance’s operations and strategic direction,
  • Designed the uCIFI data model with each object and associated resources to propose a universal data model for more than 30 smart city device types in the water, waste, energy, environment, traffic, parking and streetlight topics,
  • Defined and executed the promotion strategy including strategic marketing and PR monitoring,
  • Developed a software gateway to make uCIFI-compliant systems compatible with TALQ.

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