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Supporting Veolia in Accelerating its Decarbonization Digital Platform

GHG emissions Product management advisory
Green Forest from above with Greepath and Veolia written in overlay.


Veolia, the world champion of ecological transformation, is launching an unprecedented global offer to help its municipal, tertiary and industrial customers build and implement their decarbonization roadmaps and adapt their business models to current and future climate challenges. The offering is based on the GreenPath Digital Platform, which allows customers to measure their overall environmental performance using tools to inventory emissions, water footprint and biodiversity and select appropriate long-term technical solutions.


Facing growing competition from established and emerging alternative GHG emission assessment solution providers, Veolia’s corporate digital team decided to refocus the GreenPath Digital Platform features and roadmap and make sure it was fully aligned with the group services offers to address its business units and customers needs around the world.

Deliverables & Outcomes

Kurrant served as a strategic advisor to Veolia’s digital and product teams. We provided:
  • Expert guidance in designing business plans, revenue models, and product strategies, fostering an entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Advisory support for GreenPath’s roadmap, software evaluation, competitor analysis, budgeting, and commercial kit design, enhancing the platform’s value and market competitiveness.
Our involvement also extended to coaching the product team, ensuring a business-focused approach in feature design, roadmap maintenance, and customer engagement.

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