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Working with EDF on an innovative design software solution for cities 

Software & Data Science Smart Street Lighting 


EDF, the national French utility with a global presence, released an innovative tool to help cities design and rebuild a more efficient streetlighting within a comprehensive lighting master plan. The solution integrates local lighting levels regulations and standards as well as luminaires photometric characteristics. It also allows users to work at city scale enabling a better accuracy and more time-efficiency. The international’s team who leads EDF’s smart city project development globally uses Citevision regularly when bidding to large and complex projects around the world.  


EDF was looking to improve Citevision’s technical and functional performance as a key tool for large streetlighting project development. The main challenge was to find a partner who would be able to audit and update the Citevision solution and hence has a proven expertise in streetlight design and complex smart city projects development coupled to strong software development capabilities. Kurrant was the right partner for that mission.

Deliverables & Outcomes

Kurrant performed an exhaustive technical and functional audit of the tool, to assess its overall performance and shortcomings. The audit deliverable included a set of targeted recommendations to improve the software’s performance, reliability, usability. We also documented the solution’s architecture, including code and algorithm structure, to ensure future maintainability of the solution. Finally, Kurrant implemented all of the recommendations, delivering a completely updated, fully functioning and well-documented new version of the solution. 

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