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Curbing Noise Pollution with AI-Enabled Solution

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Noise pollution poses a great environmental and health risk, and as cities continue to grow and urbanize, its threat only increases. Most cities around the world experience noise pollution at some level from traffic, social events, industry, construction… and the city of Newport, Rhode Island, is not immune to it. The coastal municipality welcomes 4 million visitors each year, leading to congestion and loud sounds, so after registering complaints, the US city turned to a solution by Sorama dubbed noise cameras to curb the issue.

In this video we discuss with Jim O’Halloran, Former IT Director for Newport, and Rick Scholte, CEO of Sorama, the solution, the use of AI, how gathering data has helped the city change its noise ordinance, future plans and how this project is the beginning of Newport’s smart city strategy.

Published on 20/06/2024

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