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DeWi Networks in Shreveport Offer Free Internet & Smart City Apps

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In our latest video, we delve into the innovative world of Decentralized Wireless (DeWi) networks, showcasing how they empower communities with limited budgets to establish their own connectivity infrastructure. This bypasses the traditional reliance on telecommunications companies and cable operators, paving the way for a more accessible and community-driven approach to internet connectivity.

Our discussion features Keith Hanson, who served as the Chief Technology Officer for the City of Shreveport, alongside Winston Lazar, the CEO of Spread Networks. Both bring a wealth of experience and insight into the implementation of DeWi networks. Their collaboration on a groundbreaking project has been instrumental in providing free internet access to homes and communities in a US municipality that previously lacked connectivity.

This video explores the technical and logistical aspects of setting up a DeWi network. We discuss the challenges and solutions involved in deploying this innovative technology, particularly in areas with financial constraints. The focus is on how non-proprietary solutions and an Internet of Things (IoT) network can be leveraged for a smart city project, offering a scalable and sustainable model for other communities to follow.

Moreover, we examine the broader implications of such projects on digital inclusion and community development. The initiative by Hanson and Lazar is more than just providing internet access; it’s about bridging the digital divide and fostering an environment where technology serves as a tool for empowerment and progress.

Join us in this insightful video as we navigate through the intricacies of DeWi networks. Learn about the practical steps involved in setting up these networks, the benefits they bring to communities, and the future prospects of decentralized connectivity.

Published on 30/03/2023

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