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AI Mobility Solution Helps Sheffield Keep Air Quality in Check

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The UK has been putting pressure on its cities to curb pollution and keep track of air quality. As part of its efforts, the central government mandated some municipalities to introduce Clean Air Zones to get air pollution under control. The city of Sheffield was one of the cities selected to do so, and after establishing it in February 2023, the Sheffield council needed to know if the measure was helping them reach their clean air goals. To do that, they rely on their IoT air quality sensors, but they also deployed AI-enabled sensors from VivaCity to keep their eye on mobility. The data gathered by their computer vision solution and the council’s air quality sensors are helping authorities understand the big picture of the mobility and air situation, and is set to let them know whether or not the CAZ is working. In this video we interview Ben Miskell, Sheffield Chair of the Transport, Regeneration and Climate Policy Committee; and Rob Stait, Chief Revenue Officer at Vivacity, to discuss the project, the technology and platform used as well as what makes this scheme different from other air quality monitoring ones.

Published on 23/02/2024

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