Exploring One of US’ Latest Electric Smart Meter Deployments

Published on 08/02/2024

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In this episode, and ahead of the Distributech event in Orlando, we explore the US electric utility industry, which has proven great maturity when it comes to smart solutions. With 119 million advanced metering installations already deployed, around 70% of meters in the country are now smart. Utility Xcel Energy may be a bit late to the smart meter party in the USA, but in 2021, the company started deploying them in Colorado as part of their $1.7 billion Advanced Grid initiative, set to help them modernize and digitalize their network as well as become more efficient.

We discuss with Raymond Mauya, Project Manager of Metering at Xcel Energy, the utility’s initiative, the deployment of smart meters and how electric utilities could be key smart city enablers in the US.

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