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Facing Mandatory Residential Biowaste Separation with Smart Solutions

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The separation of biowaste from other types of waste at a residential level has become a focus for the EU, which has mandated all member states to have a separate collection and dedicated system for biowaste. Proper separation will bring the bloc closer to its environmental target of reducing how much of it ends up as residual waste and is a business opportunity for waste managers and collectors, who can sell the product for biogas and compost, as the purer the biowaste, the higher price it will  bring in the market.

In this video we discuss with Andréas von Kaenel, CEO of Cortexia, Frank Mokveld, Director of Smart Solutions at Waste Vision, Ian Martin, Sales Director for c-trace, and Stuart Hayward Higham, Chief Technical Development and Innovation Officer at SUEZ UK, smart solutions like VisionAI and access control systems used to ensure biowaste and other types of waste separation throughout the waste cycle, their return on investment and why waste managers and collectors will have to turn to them despite separation being a citizen responsibility.

Published on 23/05/2024

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