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Introduction to AI in Smart City Industry – Episode 1

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When we go to a smart city event, artificial intelligence is everywhere, and computer vision is the star, the quarterback of the industry. AI is turning into a crucial tool for both vendors and municipalities. It can be a selling point, but sometimes it also leads to deception as vendors sell a simple algorithm as artificial intelligence to attract buyers, and other times, it can be a worry for cities who know all too well about privacy concerns and want to protect their residents. We’re seeing the technology bring efficiency to the industry, but sometimes, also a lack of transparency.

In this video, the first part of a series about AI in the smart city industry, we interview Charbel Aoun, Smart City & Spaces Director at NVIDIA, SĂ©bastien Roche, President of Optim.aize, Anass Khobzi, CTO of Cali Intelligences, and Jorit Schmelzle, CEO of, to discuss the types of AI used in the smart city industry, some examples of them, how AI is helping digitalization be more efficient and move forward, and some of the issues we’re seeing.

Published on 16/02/2024

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