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Using GeoAI to Calculate Wastewater Taxes in Cologne

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In this informative video, we delve into a unique aspect of urban management in Germany, focusing on the calculation of wastewater taxes in various cities. A key factor that these cities consider is the proportion of a property that is paved compared to areas covered in greenery, such as grass. The rationale behind this approach is straightforward: properties with more paved surfaces contribute more to the runoff water that enters the sewage system, as opposed to being absorbed by the ground. Consequently, owners of such properties are subject to higher wastewater taxes.

We take a closer look at the city of Cologne, where the wastewater management authority, StEB (Stadtentwässerungsbetriebe Köln), is responsible for this taxation process. Traditionally, StEB has been calculating these taxes manually. This conventional method, while effective, is time-consuming and often results in a significant backlog of cases needing review. Faced with the challenge of managing this workload efficiently, StEB embarked on a search for technological solutions.

This quest led them to the realm of geospatial artificial intelligence, commonly referred to as GeoAI. GeoAI represents a fusion of geospatial technology with the advanced capabilities of artificial intelligence, providing innovative solutions for spatial data analysis and management.

In our video, we feature insightful interviews with Alexander Schlote from Cologne’s StEB and Dr. Uwe Jasnoch from Hexagon. These experts shed light on the practical application of GeoAI in the context of wastewater tax calculation. They discuss the transformative impact of GeoAI on StEB’s operations, highlighting how it streamlines the process, enhances accuracy, and reduces the time spent on manual assessments.

Join us as we explore this intersection of urban management and cutting-edge technology. We aim to provide a comprehensive overview of how GeoAI is being utilized in Cologne for a more efficient and effective approach to wastewater tax calculation, a subject of relevance not only to professionals in the field but also to residents and property owners.

Published on 23/02/2023

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