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Are Smart Poles Scalable to Entire Cities?

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In this insightful episode, we delve into the evolving landscape of smart city infrastructure, focusing on a component that is often overlooked yet crucial: smart streetlighting with Pedro Ruao of Omniflow, Akif Ekin of Ekin Smart City Solutions and Matthias Weis of Urban Lighting Innovations. Streetlighting, traditionally a staple of urban development, is now at the forefront of smart city innovations. Our exploration begins with an understanding of why streetlighting is considered a foundational element for smart city applications. Its widespread presence, coupled with features like high poles and energy grid connectivity, positions streetlighting as an ideal platform for integrating advanced smart city technologies.

We’ll examine the transition of industry giants such as Schreder and Signify from conventional lighting solutions to the realm of smart technology. Their efforts in developing ‘Smart Poles’—streetlight posts integrated with a myriad of sensors and devices—represent a significant shift in urban infrastructure. These smart poles are not just lighting solutions; they are multifunctional platforms that can support a range of smart city applications.

However, the adoption of such technologies is not without challenges. A key issue we address in this episode is the scalability of smart poles. Can these advanced systems be deployed on a mass scale in urban environments? We bring together industry experts to discuss the practical aspects of implementing these technologies across cities.

Another crucial aspect we explore is the choice between smart poles and smart luminaires. Each offers unique benefits and poses distinct challenges. Our discussion with industry professionals sheds light on the factors that influence this decision, including considerations of functionality, cost, and integration with existing city infrastructure.

Tune in for an engaging conversation that navigates the complexities and possibilities of smart streetlighting in the context of smart city development. This episode promises to offer valuable insights for city planners, industry professionals, and anyone interested in the future of urban living.

Published on 15/12/2022

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TALQ's openAPI simplifies the integration of diverse smart street lighting solutions, allowing cities to use products from various manufacturers seamlessly with one Central Management Software.

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