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Brussels’ Smart City Strategy – Part 1

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This video examines the evolution of Brussels into a smart city. Brussels, recognized for its diverse population and status as both the Belgian and EU capital, faces the unique challenge of managing a cosmopolitan city with limited geographical boundaries. Emphasizing the need for efficient city management, the video delves into Brussels’ adoption of a smart city strategy, a crucial step towards modernization and digital transformation with Fabian Maingain Deputy Mayor of City of Brussels, Aude Robert Brussels Smart City Coordinator, Katlijn Perneel Brussels Digital Transformation Strategy Director and Sophie Lamblotte Data Coordinator at City of Brussels.

Central to this strategy is the relocation of city departments to a single building to foster collaboration, alongside the development of a comprehensive, transversal smart city strategy launched in March 2023. This strategy involves both public and private sectors and is built on five key pillars: strategy and governance, data, digital skills, technological solutions, and financing. These elements are instrumental in building any ambitious smart city project.

The video highlights seven political areas defined in the smart city strategy, ensuring consistency with other strategic plans of the city. Current focus areas include urban planning and digital services for residents. However, the strategy also encompasses broader aspects like mobility, parking, road safety, and environmental monitoring, all aimed at improving overall city management.

A significant aspect of Brussels’ smart city initiative is data management. The formation of a dedicated data team, including data stewards and custodians, is highlighted as a pivotal move to ensure data quality and governance. This team’s role is crucial in leveraging regional data for various city projects, such as air pollution monitoring and mobility planning.

This video is intended for those interested in urban development, digital transformation, and smart city strategies, particularly in the context of a major European city like Brussels. It offers insights into the practical aspects of implementing such strategies and the potential impact on city management and resident services.

Published on 14/12/2023

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