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UK Council Uses Smart Tech to Monitor Social Housing Indoor Air

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The UK government is pressuring landlords and landladies, especially social housing providers to keep homes healthy by fixing dampness, cold and mould issues, common problems in the country. The English Housing Survey of 2021 to 2022 showed that some 4% of houses in the country have severe damp and mould issues, meaning around 1 million homes are affected. But other surveys have shown that around 24% of homes have these problems, and in some studies, the number goes up. In the face of the situation, and to make sure they’re aware when a dampness or air quality issue arises in their council houses, the Council area of Stirling is installing dampness, temperature and CO2 sensors by HomeLINK across its properties, to be able to act quickly if a problem starts, make sure the measures they take work, and prevent the issue from becoming a bigger one that affects the health of tenants and the budget of the council.

In this episode we interview Stephen Clark, Head of Housing at Stirling Council, and Adam Taylor-Drake, Head of Customer Success at HomeLINK, to discuss the project, the funding, the ROI and the technology used to monitor the indoor situation at the Stirling council homes.

Published on 21/03/2024

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