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Las Condes’ Journey to Becoming a Smart City

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In this week’s insightful video, we delve into the technological advancements and strategic initiatives taking place in Las Condes, Chile, under the leadership of Mayor Daniela Peñaloza Ramos. Our host, Emma Lozano Doogan, engages in an enlightening conversation with Mayor Ramos, exploring her vision and practical experiences in deploying various Internet of Things (IoT) and smart city technologies. These initiatives are aimed at enhancing the quality of life for the residents of Las Condes.

The video provides an in-depth look at Las Condes’ journey towards becoming a smart city. One of the key highlights is the city’s first major project: the installation of 45,000 connected LED streetlights. This project not only improves urban lighting but also contributes to energy efficiency and public safety. The collaboration between Las Condes and Paradox Engineering is a critical aspect of this endeavor, showcasing a successful public-private partnership in the realm of urban technological advancement.

Furthermore, the video discusses the expansion of Las Condes’ existing IoT network. Mayor Ramos elaborates on how this expansion is facilitating new applications and services, further modernizing the city’s infrastructure and public services. The conversation touches upon various challenges, solutions, and the tangible benefits these technologies have brought to the city and its inhabitants.

Join us in this engaging and informative session to gain insights into the practical aspects of implementing smart city technologies. The discussion not only highlights the successes but also provides a realistic view of the complexities involved in such large-scale urban projects. This video is a must-watch for anyone interested in urban development and smart city technologies.

Published on 30/11/2022

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