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Maui Adopts AI-enabled Fire Detection to tackle wildfires

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Early wildfire detection technology has proven highly efficient in preventing wildfires from spreading. And as wildfires increase in numbers and size, more and more authorities are turning to these smart solutions as part of their prevention efforts.

After Maui experienced in August 2023 what was the deadliest wildfire in the US in just over a century, Hawaii, in partnership with the US Fire Administration and the Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate, has deployed early fire detection AI-enabled sensors by N5, which act as a nose to detect smoke, throughout its four fire department areas.

In this video, we interview  Lori Moore-Merrell of the US Fire Administration and Debra Deininger, CRO of N5 Sensors, to explore, focusing on the deployment in Maui, the technology, how the solution works, its results, the role of AI in early fire detection and other US efforts to prevent wildfires.

Published on 27/06/2024

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