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Smart City Control Centres, Two French Cities’ Experiences

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When planning and implementing a smart city strategy one can encounter many issues, but one that will make it harder to fulfill the vision is the lack of synergy and a global view. When each department works independently, data that could help other departments or already deployed communication systems, may go unnoticed, leading to overlapping and/or loss of time and resources. That’s why some cities decide to turn to smart control rooms or platforms, a centralized data management that allows municipalities to have a transversal view of the data and solutions inside the territory, which can lead to greater efficiency and improved services. This is something we’ve seen a lot in France, which is considered a leader in this type of systems, with projects in Reims Metropole, Paris, Lyon or Nice. We spoke with Angers Loire Metropole and Dijon Metropole, to learn about their experiences with implementing a smart city control centre.

In this video we interview Constance Nebbula, Vice President of Angers Loire Metropole, and Denis Hameau, Deputy Mayor of Dijon and Councillor of Dijon Metropole, to find out more about their regions’ smart control room projects Angers Loire Metropole Smart Territory and On Dijon, discussing benefits, challenges, ROI and lessons learnt from having a smart city control centre.

Published on 13/06/2024

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