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Optimizing Street Lighting with Telco Network Data

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Join us as we delve into the innovative utilization of historical telecommunications data to optimize urban streetlighting. This process is instrumental in understanding mobility patterns in urban areas, which in turn aids municipalities in improving streetlighting services for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness.

The focus of this exploration is the collaborative effort between Vodafone and Serveo in Spain, particularly their ‘Light as you Need’ (LayN) solution. This initiative represents a significant step forward in the realm of urban infrastructure management, leveraging data to tailor streetlighting to actual needs and usage patterns.

We are privileged to have insights from Miguel Ángel Jurado, the Technology and ITS Manager at Serveo, and Nacho Rodríguez Solís, the Lead Data Scientist at Vodafone Business. Both experts share their perspectives on the LayN project, discussing its unique features, scalability potential, and the overall impact on streetlighting systems.

Miguel Ángel Jurado sheds light on the technical aspects of the LayN solution, explaining how it integrates with existing infrastructure and the technological innovations involved. He emphasizes the adaptability of the system to diverse urban environments and the benefits it brings in terms of operational efficiency.

Nacho Rodríguez Solís focuses on the data science aspect, elaborating on how historical telco data is analyzed to discern mobility patterns. He discusses the challenges and breakthroughs in translating this data into actionable insights for urban lighting, highlighting the role of advanced analytics and data interpretation.

The video also covers the broader implications of the LayN solution for urban planning and sustainability. It delves into how data-driven streetlighting can contribute to energy conservation, reduce operational costs for municipalities, and enhance citizen safety and comfort.

Furthermore, the discussion explores the scalability of the LayN solution. The experts examine its applicability in different urban settings, discussing the adaptability required to meet varying needs and conditions.

Published on 13/07/2023

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