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Valencia Targets Energy Efficiency & Light Pollution Reduction

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Join us as we delve into the significant transformation of Valencia, one of Spain’s vibrant cities, previously known for having one of the highest levels of light pollution in Europe. The city partnered with Schreder to embark on an ambitious project to retrofit approximately 90% of its street lights with energy-efficient LED lights. This shift not only significantly reduces light pollution but also cuts down on energy consumption, resulting in lowered utility bills for the city.

The video features an engaging interview with Luisa Notario from the Valencia City Hall. She provides an insightful overview of the city’s efficiency plan. Notario details how Valencia, a city renowned for its Mediterranean charm, moved from being a hub of light pollution to a model city, showcasing how to effectively utilize smart lighting technologies. These advancements are not just limited to reducing light pollution but are part of a broader strategy to facilitate the deployment of smart city applications.

A notable aspect of Valencia’s strategy includes the integration of photocell controllers. These innovative devices automatically adjust the brightness of street lights based on natural light levels, further enhancing energy savings. The city’s forward-thinking approach also embraces the incorporation of electric vehicle (EV) chargers into lampposts, in collaboration with Iberdrola, a major Spanish electric utility company. This integration signifies a step towards sustainable urban transportation.

Additionally, the implementation of presence detection sensors represents another layer of the city’s smart infrastructure. These sensors optimize lighting based on pedestrian and vehicle movement, ensuring that light is used efficiently and only when needed.

This video not only highlights Valencia’s journey towards becoming a more sustainable and smarter city but also serves as an inspiration for other urban areas facing similar challenges.

Published on 12/01/2023

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