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Orlando Digital Twin: Progress Report 1.5 Years After Launch

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When you arrive at Orlando International Airport, one of the things you hear over the public announcement system is that Orlando is where imagination becomes reality. That became true for the not-for-profit Orlando Economic Partnership in 2022, when they inaugurated their digital twin of the Orlando region. We covered the launch during that year’s edition of the Smart City Expo World Congress. For the project, the not-for-profit, digitally replicated 800 square miles. The tool had a cost of around one million dollars and was set to help the organization attract investors and encourage companies to relocate or expand to and in the region. A year and a half later, we visited the Orlando Economic Partnership offices to talk to its President and CEO Tim Giuliani, and find out about their experience with the digital twin so far, if the solution has helped them reach their goals, what the ROI has been like, and what the plans for the future are.

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Published on 28/03/2024

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