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How a London Borough is Using IoT to Curb Urban Flooding

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Floodings are becoming more and more common. It’s mainly due to climate change, but the changes humans have made to the ecosystem, like replacing forested areas with concrete, don’t help either. Drains and sewers aren’t able to take in the amount of rainfall that has now become standard with extreme weather events, leaving, on those occasions, streets filled with water. We’ve seen utilities investing heavily in flood monitoring solutions, but municipalities and councils are also doing their part. The London borough of Redbridge deployed in 2022 and 2023 99 drain sensors and 3 river ones to prevent floodings thanks to efficient gully maintenance.

In this video we interview Dhiresh Bhatt, Head of Highways & Transportation at Redbridge Council, to learn about their drain sensor project and what other solution the department is looking for to improve services.

Published on 18/01/2024

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