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Smart Cities Industry: Challenges and What to Expect

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In this engaging and informative video, join a panel of experts as they navigate the complex world of smart city development. Featuring Jamie Cudden, Smart City Program Manager at Dublin City Council, Kim LaGrue, CIO at the City of New Orleans, Jean-Baptiste Poljak, CEO of Upciti, Nick Maynard, Co-Founder and CEO of US Ignite, and Nicolas Keutgen, CIO at Schreder, this discussion offers a rare glimpse into the real-world challenges and opportunities in implementing smart city solutions.

Learn how cities grapple with the intricate balance of technology selection, funding constraints, and vendor relations. Dive into the heart of decision-making processes where city representatives and vendors strive to align their objectives, battling against the backdrop of bureaucratic hurdles and rapid technological advancements.

Hear firsthand from city planners and industry leaders about the pitfalls of prioritizing technology over tangible urban challenges, and the essential role of clear vision and communication in driving successful projects. Discover why pricing and value assignment in smart city initiatives are more complex than they appear, and how outdated procurement rules can impede progress.

Gain insights into the strategic approaches cities can adopt to enhance scalability and efficiency in their smart city projects, including collaborative tenders and focusing on priority areas. Witness the discussion unfold on the necessity of inter-departmental cooperation and the challenges of ensuring project continuity amidst political shifts.

For vendors and city officials alike, the video sheds light on the critical aspects of building trust, proving return on investment, and navigating the unique landscape of public-private partnerships in the smart city domain.

This video is an opportunity for anyone interested in the future of urban development, smart technologies, and public sector innovation. Watch as our experts dissect the complexities of smart city projects, offering valuable lessons and forward-thinking strategies for thriving in this dynamic field.

Published on 01/12/2023

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