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Spain is Betting on NB-IoT to Make Roads Safer

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In this comprehensive video, we delve into the innovative advancements of Spain’s traffic authority, DGT, as it integrates connected car technology into its operations. The focal point of this initiative is DGT 3.0, a pioneering platform that facilitates automatic data exchange between the authority and third-party entities such as car manufacturers and navigation system providers. This collaboration aims to enhance road safety and streamline traffic management.

Our video features insightful interviews with key figures instrumental in this technological evolution. We have Jorge Ordás, the Director of Mobility and Technology at DGT, who provides an in-depth perspective on the authority’s objectives and the operational framework of DGT 3.0. Alongside him, JosĂ© Manuel CaramĂ©s Pons, IoT & Big Data Business Development Director at Telefonica Tech, offers his expertise on the integration and practical applications of this technology in the realm of road safety.

A notable use case of DGT 3.0 discussed in this video is the implementation of a connected beacon system. This innovative tool plays a crucial role in alerting road users to the presence of breakdowns and accidents.

Furthermore, the video explores why the Spanish authority has chosen NB-IoT (Narrowband Internet of Things) as the communication backbone for these beacons.

By watching this video, viewers will gain a clear understanding of how DGT 3.0 is transforming road safety in Spain. The discussion not only highlights the technological aspects but also sheds light on the practical implications and future prospects of this initiative. Join us in exploring how DGT’s embrace of connected car technology is aiming at setting new standards in road safety and traffic management.

Published on 04/05/2023

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