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Unraveling South Bend’s (Indiana) Smart City Strategy

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In this video, we delve into the evolving landscape of urban development in South Bend, Indiana. As cities worldwide transition into the digital era, South Bend is taking part in this change, actively integrating smart city technology into its urban planning initiatives. We offer an insightful exploration of this journey through an exclusive interview with Madi Rogers, South Bend’s Director of Civic Innovation.

Rogers, with her extensive experience and expertise in urban planning and technology, shares valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities that come with transitioning into a smart city. The interview sheds light on how South Bend is leveraging technology to enhance urban living, focusing on efficiency, sustainability, and connectivity.

A major South Bend smart city project is its smart sewage project. This initiative represents a significant step in modernizing the city’s infrastructure, using advanced technology to manage and optimize sewage systems. It’s an example of how technology can be employed to solve traditional urban challenges in novel and efficient ways.

This video is a must-watch for anyone interested in urban development, technology, cities and utilities digitalisation and the future of smart cities. It not only provides a glimpse into the exciting developments in South Bend but also offers insights for other cities looking to embark on a similar path of innovation and modernization.

Published on 26/05/2023

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