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Smart Parking Landscape Changes with New Players, Enforcement

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Smart parking started with the promise of helping cities curb congestion and pollution, as a lot of traffic is caused by drivers looking for parking spots. The industry has grown in the past two years, but rather than growing due to its initial promise, it has grown due to a specific use case and its ROI: enforcement.

In this video we talk to Hans-Hendrik Puvogel, COO of Parkopedia, Sebastian Herter, Business Developer at Smart City System, and Marc Boher, COO at Urbiotica, to discuss why cities turn to smart parking, how it can help them drastically increase revenue, new smart parking solutions and players and why, despite the growth of the industry, many companies within it, still struggle to grow.

Published on 03/05/2024

Interoperability Unleashed with TALQ

TALQ's openAPI simplifies the integration of diverse smart street lighting solutions, allowing cities to use products from various manufacturers seamlessly with one Central Management Software.

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